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9:00 am | Saturday, July 24th, 2021


LAM Consignment Yard

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From La Crete: 40km South West on HWY 697. From Manning, AB: 135km North on HWY 35 to HWY 697, 50km East on HWY 697 Across the La Crete Ferry, Yard on North Side of Road


We take this time & opportunity to thank our Consignors & Bidders for their continued support. Please consign your Equipment as early as possible for your best advertising advantage.

Auction Items:


2012 S670 John Deere Combine

2672 hrs, 1920 Thres hrs  Comes with Reverser, VSR auto HHC, 26ft Auger grain, Tank Ext, Fine-Cut chopper,  yield and moisture, GS3 display, later tilt feeder-house.  520/85-42 duals front,  28L-26 rear
s/n 1H0S670SJC0746629 (Please Note the Green Light Work Order done on Nov, 2020 in Images)

Please Note: Pickup Header on this Unit sells Seperate.  Sold for $103,000.00

8900 White Self Propelled Combine

W/Pickup Header & 20Ft STR Cut Header w/Pickup Reel. The tarp strap keeps it in 2nd gear while combining.  Sold for $1,900.00

8900 White Self Propelled Combine

w/18Ft STR Cut Header & Pickup Header, Chaff Spreader, 23.1-26fr  Sold for $1,000.00

5000 Case IH 19Ft Hydrostatic Swather

921hrs, Diesel Eng, s/n JAG0376117  (This Unit is from the Late Mr. Abe P Krahn)  Always Shedded , One Owner Unit

Sold for $5,750.00


John Deere 615P Pickup Header (To fit 60/70 and S Series JD Combines)

s/n 1H00615PEC0745997 Sold for $16,000.00

1998 SP 36 Honey Bee Draper Header (To fit 60/70 and S Series JD Combines)

Factory Transport, Fore/Aft. Pickup Reel,  HCC real, Dual Pump Drive,  End-End 10in Cross Auger,  Field ready. s/n A09 436981743

2000 MacDon 962 30Ft Draper Header

Fits Case in 1680. 2388. 2188 etc.. Pickup Reel  s/n 134096  Sold for $5,500.00

2002 36 FT Honey Bee Draper Header

s/n 9211536  to fit TR98 New Holland Combine, Factory Transport, Split Pickup Reel, Side Delivery Option  Sold for $4,000.00

John Deere 925 Rigid STR Cut Header

Sold for $3,500.00

John Deere 925 Rigid STR Cut Header (Transport may sell seperate)

Sold for $1,500.00

John Deere 224 Rigid STR Cut Header & 4-Wheeled Transport Trailer

Transport sells Seperate  Sold for $1,500.00

John Deere 220 Rigid STR Cut Header

Sold for $200.00

Elmers 30Ft Header Transport Trailer

Sold for $1,800.00

Case IH 1010 30Ft STR Cut Header

s/n  JJC0308032  Sold for $6,750.00

Case IH 1010 22Ft STR Cut Header

Sold for $5,500.00

Case IH 1010 25Ft STR Cut Header

Fore/Aft. Pickup Reel, s/n JJC0300313  Sold for $2,250.00

Case IH 1010 25Ft STR Cut Header

Batt Reel, Spare Wobble Drive,  s/n O000615    S/A Transport Trailer sells Seperate

Case IH 1010 20Ft STR Cut Header

Pickup Reel, Header Stand (This Header is from the late Mr. Abe P Krahn)  Sold for $5,000.00

International 810 20Ft STR Cut Header

Transport Sells seperate  Sold for $1,500.00


1973 Case 970 Agri King 2wd Tractor w/2350 IH FEL

90hp 6cyl Eng, 540/1000PTO, 3pt, 8spd St Trans, Q/A Bucket & Bale Fork, 20.8-34rr, s/n 8714866, 6620hrs  Sold for $8,000.00

1975 Ford 5000 2wd Tractor

70hp, 540PTO, 3pt, 18.4-30rr, 7.50-16fr. Hr Meter Not Counting. Ezee-On Loader to fit will sell after the tractor.  Sold for $6,000.00

1 of (2) Duetz D8005 2wd Tractor

Air-Cooled Diesel 80hp Eng, 8spd Trans, 18.4/34 rears. The one with Duals runs on pull Start. The other one is Parts only.  Sold for $700.00 & $500.00

Yanmar MFWD Utility Tractor w/Loader & Bucket

11.2-24rr,  540PTO, 3pt, 433hrs  Sold for $1,750.00

1948 VA Case Antique 2wd Tractor

540PTO, 19hp Gas Eng  Sold for $1,250.00

John Deere ITC Bubble w/ITC Extend

s/n PCGT01C519417  Sold for $800.00


2017 Grainmaxx 63105HC 13in X 105Ft Telescopic Advanced Series Swing Auger

540PTO, LED Lights  s/n 63105077  Sold for $15,000.00

Batco FX 1545 Conveyor Auger

32.5hp Kohler Eng, Elec Start, Hyd Drive Mover Kit, Light Kit,  s/n 01802 (One Owner Unit) Used for 130,000 bushels of Cereal crop. Bought new in 2019. Always Shedded.

Sold for $23,000.00

Farm King 7 X 41 Auger

c/w 13hp Honda Eng, Elec Start  Sold for $1,500.00

W70-41 Westfield Auger

Powerfist Gas Engine  Sold for $2,000.00

Farm King 1380 Mechanical Drive Swing Out Auger

540PTO This Unit was previously advertised as a 70Ft.  Sold for $4,250.00

17Ft SWS Grain Box

C/W Hoist, Michels Roll Tarp, Truck Frame Extender  Sold for $7,000.00

919 Grain Moisture Tester & other Grain Handling Assec

Temperature Probe, Bin Level Indicators, Grain Shovels, Auger Hoppers,  & more..  Sold for $800.00


6- GSI 5400bu 18Ft Dia Hopper Bottom Grain Bins.

C/W Triple Base, OPI Cables & 5hp 220V Aeration Fan

Sold for $17,000.00, $18,000.00 & $20,000.00

3- 2750bu 14Ft X 6-Ring Twister Hopper Bottom Grain Bins

C/W Base, Ladders, Rocket Aeration, Lid Openers & OPI Cables

Sold for $13,000.00 each.

2-2750bu Westeel Rosco Hopper Bottom Grain Bins

C/W Base, Ladder, Rocket Aeration & OPI Cables

Sold for $10,000.00 & $13,000.00 each.

(4)-2200bu Westeel Rosco Hopper Bottom Grain Bins

Base & Ladders. 3 have OPI Cable.  Sold for $8,500.00 each.

(5) +/-2750bu Twister 6-Ring X 14Ft Hopper Bottom Grain Bins

1 has  Aeration.   Sold for $7,000.00 & $8,500.00 each.

+/-2750bu 6-Ring X 14Ft Twister Hopper Bottom Grain Bin

s/n 408055  OPI Cable, Double Skid Base, Ladder, Man Door.  Sold for $6,000.00

+/-2200bu 6-Ring X 14Ft Westeel Rosco Hopper Bottom Grain Bin

Lid Opener, c/w Extra Bin Rings to repair Bin.  Sold for $4,500.00

14Ft X 7-Ring +/-3000bu Westland Grain Bin w/new floor

Ladder & OPI Cable CO 1138  Sold for $1,750.00

14Ft X 4-Ring +/-2000 bu Butler Grain Bin on good floor

CO 1138  Sold for $1,000.00

14Ft X 6-Ring +/-2000bu Westeel Rosco Grain (2018 Floor)

Sold for $4,250.00

14Ft X 6-Ring +/-2000bu Twister Grain (2021 Floor)

Hopper in Wood Floor & Ladder  Sold for $4,250.00

+/-2400bu 14Ft X 6-Ring Twister Grain Bin

Ladder, OPI Cable, Hopper in Wood Floor  CO 812  Sold for $5,000.00

+/-2400bu 14Ft X 6-Ring Twister Grain Bin

Ladder, OPI Cable, Hopper in Wood Floor,  V-Aeration Outlet  Sold for $3,000.00

+/-2300bu 7Ring X 14Ft Westeel Rosco Grain Bin

Hopper in wood floor, Aeration, Ladder, Lid Opener & OPI Cable  Sold for $4,250.00

+/-1800bu 14Ft X 5-Ring Westeel-Rosco Grain Bin

Poor Floor CO 1138 Sold for $1,000.00

+/-2400bu 14Ft X 6-Ring Twister Grain Bin

Ladder. (No Floor,  No Lid & Incomplete Door)

Sold for $1,200.00 to $2,200.00

+/-2250bu 6-Ring X 14ft Westeel Rosco Hopper Bottom Grain Bin

Ladder, Rocket Aeration CO 469  Sold for $2,750.00

(3)-50Ft Grain Rings w/Tarps, Aeration & Doors

Sold for $750.00 to $2,250.00

(3)-10hp, 220V, Single Phase Aeration Fans

Sold for $900.00 to $1,500.00 each.

5HP & 3 HP Aeration Fans

Sold for $1,300.00 to $1,750.00 each.

Triple Skid 14Ft Hopper Base & 14Ft Bin Rings

Sold for $900.00 each.


(4)-Westeel Grain Bins +/-14,000bu 33Ft x 5-Ring (Parcel #s' B1, B2, B3 & B4)

Sold for $1,000.00 to $1,250.00

(1) 14Ft X 7-Ring Westeel Rosco +/-2750bu Hopper Bottom Grain Bin (Parcel B5)

Sold for $5,250.00

(1) Westeel Rosco18Ft X 5-Ring +/-4750bu Rosco Hopper Bottom Grain Bin (Parcel B6)

Sold for $5,250.00

2-Ring X 14Ft Overhead Bin w/Stand (Parcel B7)

Sold for $500.00

Grain Drag w/Bottom Pipe, Electric Drive & Top Catwalk (Parcel B8)

Sold for $250.00

Control Room Shed w/Breaker Panels & Single Phase to 3-Phase Converters (Parcel B9)

Sold for $500.00

80Ft Grain Lag w/Anchor Cables & Downspouts (Parcel L1)

Sold for $6,000.00

Dryer Leg (Parcel L2)

Sold for $1000.00

(2) Westeel 18Ft X 5-Ring +/-4750bu Hopper Bottom Grain Bin (Parcels C1 & C2)

C/W Ladders & Rocket Aeration.

Sold for $17000.00 each.

(2) 10in Unloading Augers c/w 3-Phase Electric Drive Motors (Parcels C3 & C4)

Sold for $1,000.00 each


John Deere 1600 35Ft Deep Tillage Cultivator

12in Spacing  Sold for $3,000.00

International 19Ft Cultivator

Mounted Spring Tooth Harrows, Rear Hitch  Sold for $1,250.00


White 249 24Ft Cultivator

s/n 20-1565-8  Sold for $2,000.00

Cockshutt 252 14Ft Tandem Disc

Sold for $1,000.00

Case 14Ft Disc

Sold for $700.00

70Ft Springtooth Harrows

Sold for $1,000.00

International 70 4-Bottom Plow

Sold for $1,250.00

V-Ditcher w/Hyd Lift Cylinder

Sold for $750.00

Custom Built 30Ft Root Harrow

Sold for $11,000.00


1989 Muv-all 4860D T/A Equipment Trailer

VIN 1W1BLE6C6KK212986  Deck width Extends from 8.5Ft to 12Ft.  21Ft 8in Long Deck.

Sold for $13,000.00

2012 Load Max 30Ft T/A Dually Gooseneck Trailer

S/N 4ZEGP3023C1024946 Beaver Tail, Flip-Up Ramps, ST235/85R16 Tires, Electric over Hydraulic Brakes

Sold for $14,000.00

2008 Load max 41Ft Tridem Stepdeck Dually Gooseneck Trailer

S/N 5L8GF383581011716  Beaver Tail, Flip-Up Ramps, ST235/80R16 Tires, Air over Hydraulic Brakes

Sold for $7,000.00

2004 PJ GN302 30Ft T/A Dually Gooseneck Trailer

S/N 4p5gn302041062796  Beaver Tail, Flip-Up Ramps, Spare Tire, ST235/85R16 Tires, Electric over Hydraulic Brakes

Sold for $9,000.00

2004 Trail Tech TD-220 31Ft T/A Dually Bumper Pull Trailer

VIN 2CU4ETN942016120  Pintle Hitch, Beaver Tail, Aluminum Flip-Up Ramps, 255/70R2.5 Tires, Air Brakes

Sold for $4,000.00

2012 Oasis 30Ft Tridem Gooseneck/5th Wheel Deck Trailer

VIN 2SIGCB374CR005207  8.5Ft Wide, 7000lb axles, Pop-Up/Flip Over Ramps. LED Lights.  235/85R16 16Ply Tires

Sold for $4,000.00

1996 36Ft T/A Dually Stepdeck Equipment Trailer

s/n 9603220  LT235/85R16 Tires, Beaver Tail, Crank Dollys  Sold for $3,000.00

2004 H & H 20Ft T/A Cargo Trailer

VIN 4J6TC20294B053534 3500lb axles, Rear Ramp Door  Sold for $7,000.00

Custom Built T/A Car Hauler Trailer

NO VIN.  Sells with Bill of Sale Only. Unable to register in Alberta AS-IS  Sold for $500.00

28Ft Farm Wagon Hay Rack Trailer 9Ft Wide

Sold for $1,000.00


Drive-On Vehicle Lift

5Ft high,  8.5Ft wide, 17Ft long. Sold for $2,000.00

Clark C500-Y60 Forklift (Not in Running Order)

s/n Y685-43-1335 Carburator Issues

Quick Attach Rake to fit 200 Series Track Hoe

Sold for $4,000.00

Wacker Neuson LTW20 Light Tower

Bearing Not Good on Gen Set. Engine is Good. Sells AS-IS.  Sold for $1,200.00

Welders, Tidy Tanks, etc. Consigned by Isaac Schmidt
(2) 36in Aluminum Underbody Toolboxes (Unused)
3pt Forklift


2006 Peterbilt T/A Truck Tractor

VIN 1XP5DB0X26N895336  Magnum Moose Bumper, Cat Eng, 18spd Trans, 11R24.5 Rubber, 1,188,541km. Work order done in Nov 2020 inc: Fix Engine Oil Leaks, Fuel Gauge, Ignition, Brakes etc.  New Batteries & Master Switch.
Sold for $3


Ford LN750 S/A Grain Truck

VIN  N76FVC62906 Steel Box & Hoist, V8 Gas Engine, 10spd Trans. _Not considered a Road-Worthy Truck) Sold for $800.00

1996 Western Star 4964F T/A Gravel Truck

VIN 2WLPDCCH9SK939393    15 spd trans,  46 Rears, Rubber Block Susp,  425 Manuel Cat Eng,  4-Way Lockers. May require Inspection to register in Alberta. Has previously had B.C. registration only.

Sold for $12,000.00

2006 Ford F-350XLT Superduty Dually Ext/Cab 4X4 Deck/Picker Truck

VIN 1FDWX37P86EC17250 Powerstroke V8 Turbo Diesel Eng, 6-Spd St Trans, 250394km, c/w 2002 Hiab 026T Picker s/n 072098

Sold for $4,500.00

2005 F250XL Superduty 4x4 Ford Deck Truck

VIN 1FTNF215X5EB84089  5.4L Triton Eng, A/T

Sold for $1,500.00

2004 Dodge Ram 3500 Quad Cab Deck Truck

VIN 3D7LU38C774G116482  Cummins Diesel Eng, St Trans, 498668km,

Sold for $3,500.00

2005 Ford F450XL Superduty Dually Crew Cab Deck Truck

VIN 1FDXW47P95EC26518  6.0L Powerstroke V8 Diesel Eng, A/T,  213980km

Sold for $3,000.00

2001 Thomas Freightliner Bus

VIN 4UZAAXBV82CJ79453  5.9L Cummins Eng,  A/T,  448425km (Low Power on Engine)

Sold for $1,000.00

2005 Chevrolet 2500HD Silverado Ext/Cab 4x4 L/B Pickup

VIN 1GCHK29285E143219  6.6L Duramax Diesel Eng, A/T, 239233km

Sold for $4,250.00

2006 Chevy 2500LS 4X4 Pickup Truck

VIN 1GCHK29U96E147766   245756km,  Gas Eng, A/T

Sold for $2,750.00

2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Megacab 4x4 Tracks Drive Pickup

VIN 3D7KS19D66G252201  5.7L Hemi, A/T, 171975km, c/w a set of (4) LT265/70R17 Tires on 8-Bolt Rims

Sold for $2,750.00

1991 GMC Sierra 3500 Ext/Cab Dually 2wd Pickup

VIN 2GTHC39N6N1515044   7.4L V8 Gas Eng, A/T, 203614km,


2012 Ford F-150XLT Super Crew Cab XTR 4X4 Pickup

VIN 1FTFW1EFXCFC12692  5L Triton V8 Eng, A/T, 6-Pass, 94078km, 6.5Ft Box, Truxedo Roll-Up Box Cover, Brake Controller, (One Owner Unit).  Right Side Mirror will be replaced (Free of Charge) at Outback Autobody.

Sold for $21,500.00

2008 Ford F150 Super Crew Cab 2wd Pickup

VIN 1FTPW12V58KD68783   5.4L Triton Eng, A/T,  Camper Shell, 265,852km  (One Owner Unit) Oil Change every 4500km, New Battery, New Spark Plugs & Wires

Sold for $12,500.00

2005 GMC Sierra 1500 2wd Pickup

VIN 1GTFC14X55Z126206  Odometer not Working. 4.3L V6 Eng, A/T

Sold for $500.00

2010 Nissan Titan 4x4 Crew Cab Pickup

VIN 1N6AA0EC2AN309085  5.6L V8 Eng, A/T, 5-PASS, Cloth Int, Box Cover, Rear Slider Window, 301112km,

Sold for $1,000.00


2002 GMC Sierra 2500 Ext/Cab 4x4 Pickup (No Reverse)

VIN 1GTGK29U727272604 6.0L Vortec Eng, A/T, 370465km,

Sold for $400.00


2014 Ford Explorer SUV (Police Model)

VIN 1FM5K8ATXEGB69802  V6 Ecoboost Eng, A/T, 234212km, Backup Camera in Rear View Mirror

2008 Pontiac MontanaSV6 MInivan

VIN 1GNDU03179D101547  V6 Eng, A/T,  239999km,

Sold for $400.00

2003 Sunfire 4-Door Car

VIN 3G2JB52F73S203983 2.2L Eco Tec Eng, A/T, 189485km

Sold for $500.00

1983 Chevrolet Caprice Classic 4-Door Car

VIN 2G1HN69HXD1267859 5.0 Ltr Eng, Auto Trans.  58460km Showing

Sold for $1,750.00


1991 5th Wheel Holiday Trailer

VIN 2GLBD54J0N7007889  Sleeps 6, Awning works. Consignor had not used this Unit, therefore unable to verify that all is in working order.

Sold for $700.00

2006 Westland 7,6 MID Overhead Camper

s/n 2006144 Furnace, Stove, Fridge, Running Water, Toilet, 2-Propane Tanks & more…

Sold for $2,100.00

16Ft Aluminum Boat & Trailer w/50hp Mercury 4-Stroke Kicker

VIN Not Available for Boat & Trailer.

Sold for $4,500.00

2011 Yamaha Electric Golf Cart (Good Condition)

Sold for $3,500.00