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LAM Yard Site


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From La Crete: 40km South West on HWY 697. From Manning, AB: 135km North on HWY 35 to HWY 697, 50km East on HWY 697 Across the La Crete Ferry, Yard on North Side of Road.


A big “THANK YOU” to all our previous Consignors, Bidders & Buyers. For best advertising please consign your equipment early. Please contact Abe @ 780-821-9440 or Andy @ 780-841-4294

Auction Items:


West 1/2 of 19-110-15-W5M

These 2 Quarter Sections will be selling as 1 Lot.  +/- 200 Arable Acres on +/- 320 Acres on Title. Remaining is Bush. 2020 Crop was Organic Oats, 2019 was Summerfallow. Please inspect & confirm acres to your satisfaction.

Terms & Conditions on Real Estate as Follows: 10% Non-Refundable Down Payment on Sale Day. Balance Due on or Before 30 Days



1995 John Deere 8970 4wd Tractor

s/n RW8970H003211  400hp 6cyl 14.0L Cummins Eng, Rebuilt Fuel Pump, 6870 hrs, 24 spd Power Shift Trans, 710/38 firestone radials, tow cable, 4 hyd, 2 hyd return lines, c/w John Deere Auto Steer Wiring and ATU


54 ft Seedhawk Airdrill w/ 2009 1910 JD 430 bushel 3-Comp Cart

Drill s/n 221297. Dble Shoot, 12” spacing, Cart s/n A01910H731054.  12” Conveyor, Updated JD Meter Boxes, 1- yellow roller, 1-green roller, 1- black roller.

2003 John Deere 1820 61Ft Air Drill Tool

10in Spacing, Dutch Paired Row Openers, 4in Steel Packers  s/n A01820X700282  Cart to fit tool sells immediately after.

1900 John Deere 430bu 3-Comp Tow-Behind Drill Cart

s/n 680132  Drill to fit Cart sells prior to Cart.

2155 Bourgalt Air Cart/Tank Tow-Behind Mechanical Drive

Rear Hitch w/Hydraulics.  Monitors & Manuel in Office

John Deere 9350 30Ft Disc Seed Drill

Grass Seed & Fert Attachment, Factory Transport, 6in Spacing,  Fold-Up Markers, Tarp, some Spare Parts. Please note the very well Shedded & Mint Condition on this Drill!  Left Drill s/n N09000X032945

Elec Drive Seed Treater Auger
Misc Drill & Seeder Parts

3- JD meter rollers, black, green & blue.  Used air cart tires.  multiple rolls.  new 1” air drill hose.  Sprayer tire.  rolls Unused 2.5” air seeder hose



820 Flexi Coil 40Ft Cultivator

12in Spacing, Floating Hitch, Heavy 3-Bar Mounted Harrows,  Single Hyd on Rear Hitch

Morris L-233 40Ft Cultivator

Mounted Spring Tooth Harrows & Rear Hitch

40Ft Willrich Cultivator

Rear Hitch, Mounted Tine Harrows

Commander 36-40 Bourgalt 40Ft Air Seeder Tool/Cultivator, 8” spacing, Mtd Harrows
Bourgalt Commander 36-40 40Ft Cultivator

Rear Hitch

4700 Case IH 28Ft Cultivator

Mounted Harrows, Rear Hitch & Rear Hydraulics

4600 International 30Ft Cultivator

7in Spacing, Mounted Harrows

4600 International 28Ft Cultivator

6.5in spacing, 9in sweeps, Mounted Harrows

4500 Case IH 28Ft Cultivator

Mounted Spring Tooth Harrows, Rear Hitch

610 27Ft John Deere Cultivator

Floating Hitch, 12in Spacing, Mounted Harrows, Sweeps to fit come with the Cult. s/n N00610X004103

John Deere 1000 24Ft cultivator w/Mounted Harrows

6in Spacing, Rear Hitch, Hyd Lift Cyl

John Deere 1000 24Ft Cultivator

6in Spacing, w/Mounted Harrows & Packer Bar

Massey Ferguson 19Ft Cultivator

Mounted Spring Tooth Harrows, Rear Hitch

14Ft John Deere Tillage Cultivator

c/w Hyd Lift Cyl & Spare Springs

Hutchmaster 24Ft Double Wing Tandem Disc

24in Blades, Notched Front Discs, Rear Smooth

Massey Ferguson 880 8-Bottom Plow


70Ft Brandt Commander 7000 Heavy Harrows

s/n 60042   5/8in Tines, 24in Long

Flexi Coil 75 Wing-Up 60Ft P30 Packer Bar

s/n H75 B000-N049218  Extendable Hitch

Blanchard Hydra-Lift 50Ft Harrow Packer Bar w/Valmar Spreader
System 82 80Ft Flexi Coil Tine Harrows

Down Pressure Tines

Riteway 1610 40ft Wing-up Packer Bar w/ P30 packers
Flexi Coil System 82 100Ft Diamond Harrows

s/n S82FA00-F008920

Rite Way 40Ft Wing-Up Packer Bar

s/n 1990-9028

40Ft Packer Bar
28ft Rite-way wing-up Packer Bar
26Ft Riteway Harrow Packer Bar
Harmon 2400 Blanchard 33Ft Packer Bar
29Ft Coil Packer Bar
20Ft Coil Packer Bar


2005 Western Star Plow/Sand Truck

VIN 5KKHAEDE35PN79937   C13 Twin Turbo Cat Eng, 18spd Trans, 20k lb fr, 46k lb rr, 12Ft Viking Cives II Sander End Dump Box, 9Ft side Mount Blade, 405,666km, 14,790hrs, Rear Pintle Hitch. The Side Mount Blade needs 1 Hyd Hose Repair.

Twist Chuck Blade to fit John Deere Trackhoe

Please confirm Measurements

2011 Ingersoll Rand 6KW Light Tower

VIN 4FVLSBDA7BU418401 220V Does not Work. Lights & 110V in Working Order. 8739hrs

2007 Ingersoll Rand 6KW Light Source Light Tower

VIN 37734UT0023   7271hrs  (Bearing out on Generator)


D210QH Sullivan Palletek Air Compressor


1951 John Deere MC Crawler Tractor

Blade, Winch, & Rear Hitch.  s/n 15191  1.6L 2-cyl gas Eng

Upright 20N Electric Scissorlift

Not in Operating Order. Charger & Batteries may require attention.

14 Lots of 10pc per Lot of 2 7/8in Drill Stem

Selling by the pc X 10.

Lg Qty of 7/8in Sucker Rod (50 pack Bundles)
Qty of Power Pole
(2) 1000g Propane Tanks (Salvage Use Only)


1979 Western Star T/A Truck Tractor

VIN KPNCR0J903286  Detroit Eng, 10Spd Trans, Rubber Block Susp

2007 Dodge Ram Dually 3500SLT 4x4 Quad Cab Deck Truck

VIN 3D6WH48A17G758193  6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel Eng, A/T, 387,923km, some Work Order History, Derates Eng when Fuel Level is 1/4 Tank.  Work Order in 2020 Inc: Resealed Front Structure on Eng, New Ball Joints, Steering Tires. Turbo in 2018.

2007 Dodge Ram 3500 4x4 Q/Cab Dually Deck Truck

VIN 3D6WH48A47G751805  307,275 km, 6.7L Cummins Diesel Eng,  replaced transmission at 305,000 km, new Michelin steering tires, fifth wheel and ball hitch, air conditioning, power windows and locks, 600 liter fuel tank


2012 Ford F-150 Crew Cab 4x4 Pickup (Not in Running Order. Salvage Unit)

VIN 1FTFW1ET8CFB67032  3.5L V6 Eng, Engine sputters – sounds like timing issue

2006 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 Ext/Cab Pickup

VIN 1D7HU18216S530015  5.7L Hemi Eng, A/T,  258,708km

2001 Dodge Ram 1500 2WD Pickup

VIN 1B7HC16Y51S176304  318 Eng, A/T



Whiteline 22ft Gooseneck Hitch Tridem Dump Trailer

16ft Grain Box, 12V Wet Kit, s/n 3477222FGL3 6000lb axles, New Brakes & Wiring

1973 Fruehauf T/A 45Ft Highboy Bale Trailer

VIN 32R375902  Spring Susp, Hauls 30 Bales

2013 Load Max 20Ft Gooseneck Trailer

VIN 4ZEGH2027D1046151  7000lb axles, 102in Wide, Slide in Rear Ramps, ST235/80R16 Tires

2004 PJ 20Ft T/A Utility Trailer

VIN 4P5DE202341058402  Slide in Rear Ramps,  102in Wide Deck, 7000lb axles

2008 Norte 18Ft T/A Car Hauler Trailer

VIN 3BZHP18298B006668   5600lb axles, 82in Wide Deck

2013 T/A 16.5Ft Cargo/Outfitters Trailer

VIN 5NHUBL62XDT441965  Wired w/110V Lights, Propane Heater, Bunk Bed, ATV Ramps, Spare Tire, 2-Propane Tanks, 2-Windows, & more..

GRAIN STORAGE & HANDLING (SELLING OFF-SITE) Located in La Crete: Former P & H Grain Facility.:

Bin #s' 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 are 25,000bu 36Ft X 7-Ring Butler Grain Bins

On Concrete Floors.  V-Floor aeration,  OPI cables, 3-Phase Aeration Fans, Elec Drive (600V 3-Phase) Unloading Augers. Not all Aeration Fans are considered in Working Order.

Parcel #s’ 15 & 16 (Lag & Catwalks) are to be removed by June 30, 2021. All Remaining bins are to be removed by Aug 31, 2021.

For more detailed information on these Lots please call Joe Wiebe @ Blue Wave Energy in La Crete.

Bin #s' 7, 8, 9 & 10 are 12,000bu 24Ft X 7-Ring Butler Grain Bins

On Concrete Floors.  V-Floor aeration,  OPI cables, 3-Phase Aeration Fans, Elec Drive (600V 3-Phase) Unloading Augers. Not all Aeration Fans are considered in Working Order.

Parcel #s’ 15 & 16 (Lag & Catwalks) are to be removed by June 30, 2021. All Remaining bins are to be removed by Aug 31, 2021.

For more detailed information on these Lots please call Joe Wiebe @ Blue Wave Energy in La Crete.

Bin # 11 is a 1300bu Butler Over-head Bin. w/Scale and Read-Out Box

Parcel #s’ 15 & 16 (Lag & Catwalks) are to be removed by June 30, 2021. All Remaining bins are to be removed by Aug 31, 2021.

Bin #12 is a 1300bu Butler Over-Head Bin w/Stand

Parcel #s’ 15 & 16 (Lag & Catwalks) are to be removed by June 30, 2021. All Remaining bins are to be removed by Aug 31, 2021.

Bin #13 is a Butler 3-Ring 1300bu Hopper Bottom Grain Bin (No Base)

Parcel #s’ 15 & 16 (Lag & Catwalks) are to be removed by June 30, 2021. All Remaining bins are to be removed by Aug 31, 2021.

Bin #14 is a 1400bu Westeel Smooth Wall Hopper Bin

C/W Unloading Auger & Ladder  (No-Base) s/n 118162.

Parcel #s’ 15 & 16 (Lag & Catwalks) are to be removed by June 30, 2021. All Remaining bins are to be removed by Aug 31, 2021.

Parcel # 15 is the 60Ft Lag Package Complete with Bottom Drag, 2 Top Drags, all the Pipe & Top Catwalk

From Bottom Platform to top of Lag is 60Ft. From Platform to Bottom of pit is 10Ft.

Parcel #s’ 15 & 16 (Lag & Catwalks) are to be removed by June 30, 2021. All Remaining bins are to be removed by Aug 31, 2021.

Parcel # 16 is the Bottom Catwalk

Parcel #s’ 15 & 16 (Lag & Catwalks) are to be removed by June 30, 2021. All Remaining bins are to be removed by Aug 31, 2021.


Trikedon Grain Extractor

s/n TR1509-1019 New Gear Drive on Top Auger.  540PTO

Meridian SLMD10-72 10in x 72Ft Swing Out Auger

540PTO, Remote Kramble Hyd Drive & Lift on Swing Auger, Dual Flight Hopper, Light Package,  s/n 36-08014 (Remote is in Office)

12in x 80Ft Sakundiak SLMD12-2400 Swing Auger

w/ hyd Tub Lift, LED lights, remote electric swing, never spill spout system 540PTO

Grain Maxx 4385 13in X 85Ft Swing Auger

s/n 213   540PTO,  Elec Drive Swing Auger Lift

10 x 51 Westfield PTO Auger

540 PTO


900 New Holland Forage Harvester Metalert II

1000PTO s/n 909399  w/Gandy Attachment

Keulkers Jiffy Silage HiDump Trailer
1996 Brandt QF2000S 100ft Field Sprayer

1200g 2-Comp Tank 800g/400g, Auto Rate, DBL Boom. One has 5g Nozzle, the other has 10g. (Monitor in Office)

Qty of 230V 7.5hp 3-Phase Electric Motors
Set of 2-Firestone 10 Ply Rice Tires 23.1-26 on 20in Rim
Trimble GPS EZ-Guide Plus Steering Guidance System
Drushverluste Combine Overflow Sampler


Qty of 24Ft Freestanding Panels (2 3/8in Frame)
(8) Freestanding Wind-Guard Panels (4-w/Boards & 4-w/o Boards)
(7) Rolls of Unused Farm Fence 300Ft Rolls

Selling by the Piece

2yr Old Bull

Sire is a Rgd Devon CO 2954

Angus/Cross Yearling Bull

CO 6851

2yr Old Steer

CO 1220

(2) Yearling Steers

CO 1220

Young Holstein Calves

CO  914

Newborn Calf

CO 1552

3yr Old Grade Gelding Riding Horse

CO 6852

10 Month Old Stud

CO 564

4-Miniature Horses

2-Geldings & 2-Studs CO 6183

Qty of Butcher Pigs 150-200lb each

CO  2133

(6) 270-300lb Butcher Pigs

co 4908

8Ft X 10Ft Chicken Barn & Laying Hens & Turkeys (Fowls may Sell Seperate.)

CO 2954

Qty of Alfalfa/Brome Square Bales
Green Feed Oat Bales (Selling Off-Site at Tompkins Area) 12-5x5 Round & 600 Square Bales

Sample bales will be at the yard. For loadout on these Bales call Abram Bueckert @ 780-841-4506


2006 Chevy TrailblazerLT 4x4 SUV

VIN 1GNDT13S962250398  5-pass, Leather Int, Vortec 4200 Eng, A/T, 282,914km,

2004 YukonXL 4x4 SUV

76,000km on New Trans, New Battery, 326,000km, Emerald Green Ext Color, Rear Hatch Handle Broke, CD Player not Working

2004 Pontiac Montana Minivan

VIN 1GMDX13E14D148887  Mech Sound, ABS light is on, CD and DVD not functional, Power Sliding Door disconnected 267,828km

2002 Mitsubishi Lancer LS 4-Door Car

VIN JA3AJ36E13U602634  2.0L Eng, 4spd A/T

2003 BMW 4-Door Car

VIN  WBAEU33443PM56957   (Not in Runnning Order) Requires new Head Gasket


2010 Mako 29RLFW Gulf Stream 5th Wheel Holiday Trailer

VIN 1NL1MFM20A1073513   Large Slide, Freestanding Dinette, 2-Swivel/Rocker Chairs w/Ottomans,   Hide-a-Bed Couch, Solar Panel

2011 Zinger Crossroads ZF-250-BH 5th Wheel Holiday Trailer

VIN  4V0FC2520BA013616   Bunk Bed, Sleeps 6, w/Slide, Base Weight is 6375lbs, Almost new Mattress on Master Bed

1997 Vanguard 260 5th Wheel Holiday Trailer

VIN 2PEFH2266V1097384 Double Slide, Bunk Beds, Freestanding Dinette, Sleeps 6

1996 Golden Falcon Glendale 34RKP 5th Wheel Holiday Trailer

VIN 2GRFW34T2TS962212  Freestanding Dinette, 2-Slides, Rear Hitch.

2009 Polaris Sportsman 800 EFI 6x6 ATV

One Owner Unit, VIN #4XACL76A69D816625, Aftermarket Power Steering $1400.00 Option will Activate When Machine in Motion, Hand Warmers, Thumb Warmers, Whinch, New Brakes, New Oil in All Components, Total Miles On Machine 2550 Miles.

2012 Polaris 800EFI RangerXP Side-by-Side ATV

VIN 4XATH76A9C4720755   855hrs, 6896km,  Rope Winch, Gun Holder Clamps, Winshield & Rear Window

2009 700 Polaris Ranger Browning Special Edition ATV

VIN 4XAHH68A394897288  658hrs, 4075miles, Winch w/Remote, Windshield.  All Services done at Polaris & CG Small Engine Repair.


1998 Honda Foreman 450ES 4x4 Quad

km unknown, big horn 25” Tires, Winch, LED lights


2012 500 Polaris Sportsman 500 H.O. AWD Quad

VIN 4XAMH50A9CA524320  Handlebar/Thumb warmer, Winch , 346hrs, Has 3443 miles. Engine has been rebuild at 3320 miles. Good working condition

2005 Polaris 500 Quad

VIN 4XAMH50A35B685811  201hrs, 1328miles, Winch & Windshield

2006 Honda 500 4x4 Quad

Updates Inc: Updated Disc Brakes & New Tires  VIN 1HFTE312364100911

2002 ForemanES 450 Honda 4x4 Quad

Work Order Inc: New Eng, Winch 2yrs ago, Updated Disc Brakes

1998 Honda 300 4x4 Quad

Needs new Solenoid for Winch, Work Orders Inc: Rear Diff & Updated Disc Brakes  VIN 478TE1529WA000718

1985 Honda 250 Big Red Trike

c/w Reverse

1989 18Ft Caitis Fibreglass Boat & EZ Loader Trailer

s/n ZKC18920E989  4.3L Inboard Eng  Trailer VIN  1ZE1SMT17JA052194

1997 Four Winns 17ft Fibreglass Boat & Trailer

3.o L Inboard Motor & Volvo Penta SX Cobra Leg. Trailer VIN 42KB8KP12V2000514

16Ft Aroline Debonaire Aluminum Boat & Trailer

Trailer VIN 2UNBTAXX4FB000779  c/w 50hp 2-Stroke Evinrude Outboard Kicker. Not Used in a while, but was in good operating order on the last use.

Starcraft 14Ft Aluminum Boat & 2018 Stirling Trailer


15hp Honda 4-Stroke Outboard Kicker

VIN  1602085

Honda 4-Stroke 5hp Outboard Kicker

w/Gas Tank  S/N  2400236

2011 Yamaha Electric Golf Cart

New Charger in office


(2) 8Ft Shop Cabinets 1-18 Drawer & 1-14 Drawer
Selling for Ben Krahn

Omega Pro Shop Compressor 20CFM @ 90PSI, Hinda 5000SX Generator, Wood Splitter, Grain Shovels, Scaffold, Pencil Auger w/110V/220V  1hp Elec Motor

75-Ton Shop Press
Aluminum Jockey Box (Almost New)
Cabinetry Tools
Dewalt 18V Self Leveling Laser Level & more...

Steel Shop Table on Castor Wheels

Qty of 18V Cordless DeWalt Tools
Major Realignment of Shop Tools for Abe Neufeld
Clarke Weld Mig 130EN Mig Welder

Mig Handle wire need repair.

36in x 48in Shower Unit, Patio Door, etc
Patio Door & Aluminum Railing in Good Condition


Set of 4 Duramax rims and Tires


Set of (4) LT285/70R17 Tires w/Rims

fit 3/4 or 1-Ton Chevy 2000-2011

Set of (4) 265/65R18 Discoverer Pickup/SUV Tires
(4) 30.5-32 Tractor Tires

Some Sidewall Cracks

22.5 Grain Truck Tires on Dayton Rims
Rim & Tire for Chevy 1-Ton
Pickup Tires
2 Sets of (4) 11L-15 Grizzly Implement Tires on 6-Bolt Rims
2 Sets of (4) Galaxy 8-Ply 9.5L-15 Implement Tires
Set of (4) Polaris Rims w/Tires
Set of (4) Polaris Quad Rims
Set of (4) Polaris Quad/Ranger Tires


5215 Deutz-Allis MFWD Tractor

s/n 220,   540 PTO, 3spd Hydrostatic Trans, 18hp Eng, 2 rear Hyd,

2018 John Deere Z525E Zero Turn Mower

48in Deck, 47hrs

2016 John Deere 465 Zero Turn Mower

62in Deck, 25hp Eng, 136hrs  s/n 1MOZ465TTEM150531

John Deere 325 Garden Tractor w/Mower & Tiller

c/w 30in Mower Deck & 30in Tiller, 17hp Kohler Eng, 946hrs,  s/n M00325B013356. New Hood

John Deere LA175 Lawn Mower Tractor

26hp Eng, 54in Cut, 300hrs

John Deere LA150 Lawn Mower Tractor

26hp Eng, 54in Cut, 309hrs

1 of (2) John Deere Lawn Sweeps
Land Pride GS2596 Box Scraper

s/n 665781

3pt John Deere 616 72in Rotary Mower

540 PTO  s/n W00616X001774

9Ft 3pt Harrows
Walk behind AGI Snowblower
Berco Driveway Sweeper
3pt Wood Chipper

540 pto

2-Story Playhouse (Some Roof Damage)
6-Seater Unused Lawn Swings
800 Gallon Water Tank
Pea Fence


(3) 1973 $1.00 Bills
3 of (7) 1974 $2.00 Bills
3 of (18) 1986 $2.00 Bills
3 of (8) 1986 $5.00 Bills
(1) 2006 $5.00 Bill