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9:00 am | Saturday, July 24th, 2021


LAM Consignment Yard

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From La Crete: 40km South West on HWY 697. From Manning, AB: 135km North on HWY 35 to HWY 697, 50km East on HWY 697 Across the La Crete Ferry, Yard on North Side of Road


We take this time & opportunity to thank our Consignors & Bidders for their continued support. Please consign your Equipment as early as possible for your best advertising advantage.

Auction Items:


2012 S670 John Deere Combine

2672 hrs, 1920 Thres hrs  Comes with Reverser, VSR auto HHC, 26ft Auger grain, Tank Ext, Fine-Cut chopper,  yield and moisture, GS3 display, later tilt feeder-house.  520/85-42 duals front,  28L-26 rear
(Please Note the Green Light Work Order done on Nov, 2020 in Images)

Please Note: Pickup Header on this Unit sells Seperate.  Sold for $103,000.00

John Deere 7720 Titan II Combine

3597hrs, 24.5-32FR, Pickup Header Sold for $7,000.00

Case IH 1680 Axial Flow Combine w/810 P/U Header

Redekopp Chopper, hr meter inaccurate, Estimated hrs @ under 3000  Sold for $12,000.00

Case IH 1660 Axial Flow Combine

24.5-32fr,  16.5L-16.1SLrr, Axceller Kit, Cummins Eng, 3978 Eng hrs, 2326 Rotor hrs, Air/Cond Cab  Sold for $7,000.00

1480 International Axial Flow Combine

3415hrs, Feeder Reverser, 30.5L-32fr, 13.5L-16.1rr, Hydrostatic Drive  Sold for $4,000.00

1460 International Axial Flow Combine

w/810 Pickup Header, 3290hrs, Hydrostatic Drive, (This Unit is from the Late Mr. Abe P Krahn) Always Shedded  Sold for $12,000.00

1460 International Axial Flow Combine

3680hrs, Hydrostatic Drive, Redekop Chopper (Blades like new), 23.1-26fr, Rake-Up Pickup Header, Norton Feeder Reverser  Sold for $4,500.00

TR 98 New Holland Combine

Has hopper topper, Lateral tilt, Long Auger for 36 ft Header and Air Foil Seive. 270 HP. 2991 eng hrs, 2183 Rotor Hrs, 30.5L-32 fr,  14.9-24 rr, Comes with swath master pickup header

Sold for $8,000.00

8900 White Self Propelled Combine

W/Pickup Header & 20Ft STR Cut Header w/Pickup Reel. The tarp strap keeps it in 2nd gear while combining.  Sold for $1,900.00

8900 White Self Propelled Combine

w/18Ft STR Cut Header & Pickup Header, Chaff Spreader, 23.1-26fr  Sold for $1,000.00

Co-op 9600 Pull Type Combine

Sold for $100.00

Case IH WDX1101 25Ft Swather w/DHX251 Header

Pickup Reel,  Oil Change, 2971hrs, Header Sold for $18,000.00

5000 Case IH 19Ft Hydrostatic Swather

921hrs, Diesel Eng,(This Unit is from the Late Mr. Abe P Krahn)  Always Shedded , One Owner Unit

Sold for $5,750.00

1981 Versatile 4400 19.5Ft Hydrostatic Swather

18.4-16.1fr, Pickup Reel, Sold for $900.00


John Deere 615P Pickup Header (To fit 60/70 and S Series JD Combines)

Sold for $16,000.00

1998 SP 36 Honey Bee Draper Header (To fit 60/70 and S Series JD Combines)

Factory Transport, Fore/Aft. Pickup Reel,  HCC real, Dual Pump Drive,  End-End 10in Cross Auger,  Field ready.

2000 MacDon 962 30Ft Draper Header

Fits Case in 1680. 2388. 2188 etc.. Pickup Reel  Sold for $5,500.00

2002 36 FT Honey Bee Draper Header

to fit TR98 New Holland Combine, Factory Transport, Split Pickup Reel, Side Delivery Option  Sold for $4,000.00

John Deere 930 STR Cut Header

Fore/Aft. Pickup Reel,  Sold for $4,000.00

John Deere 925 Rigid STR Cut Header

Sold for $3,500.00

John Deere 925 Rigid STR Cut Header (Transport may sell seperate)

Sold for $1,500.00

John Deere 224 Rigid STR Cut Header & 4-Wheeled Transport Trailer

Transport sells Seperate  Sold for $1,500.00

John Deere 220 Rigid STR Cut Header

Sold for $200.00

Elmers 30Ft Header Transport Trailer

Sold for $1,800.00

Case IH 1010 30Ft STR Cut Header

Sold for $6,750.00

Case IH 1010 22Ft STR Cut Header

Sold for $5,500.00

Case IH 1010 25Ft STR Cut Header

Fore/Aft. Pickup Reel, Sold for $2,250.00

Case IH 1010 25Ft STR Cut Header

Batt Reel, Spare Wobble Drive,  S/A Transport Trailer sells Seperate

Case IH 1010 20Ft STR Cut Header

Pickup Reel, Header Stand (This Header is from the late Mr. Abe P Krahn)  Sold for $5,000.00

International 810 20Ft STR Cut Header

Transport Sells seperate  Sold for $1,500.00


1990 8760 John Deere 4WD Tractor

 300hp Eng, 12Spd Stan Trans, 8764hrs, 3 hyd & Case Drain, 20.838 Duals  Sold for $27,500.00

1973 Case 970 Agri King 2wd Tractor w/2350 IH FEL

90hp 6cyl Eng, 540/1000PTO, 3pt, 8spd St Trans, Q/A Bucket & Bale Fork, 20.8-34rr, 6620hrs  Sold for $8,000.00

1975 Ford 5000 2wd Tractor

70hp, 540PTO, 3pt, 18.4-30rr, 7.50-16fr. Hr Meter Not Counting. Ezee-On Loader to fit will sell after the tractor.  Sold for $6,000.00

1981 Versatile150 Series II Biderectional 4x4 Tractor

71hp, 13.6R24, PTO shaft is disassembled. Tires Sold for $3,000.00

1 of (2) Duetz D8005 2wd Tractor

Air-Cooled Diesel 80hp Eng, 8spd Trans, 18.4/34 rears. The one with Duals runs on pull Start. The other one is Parts only.  Sold for $700.00 & $500.00

Yanmar MFWD Utility Tractor w/Loader & Bucket

11.2-24rr,  540PTO, 3pt, 433hrs  Sold for $1,750.00

1948 VA Case Antique 2wd Tractor

540PTO, 19hp Gas Eng  Sold for $1,250.00

1952 Case DC4 Antique Tractor

540PTO, 13.6-38rr, Rear Wheel Weights Sold for $1,000.00

John Deere ITC Bubble w/ITC Extend

Sold for $800.00


Brendt 880 Grain Cart

1000PTO, 900/60-32 Tires. (Hyd Drive Kit Sells Seperate)  Sold for $32,000.00

EA 240 Richiger Grain Extractor

10ft, 540 PTO, New bearings and flighting, Ready to work.  Sold for $4,000.00

Rem 552 Grain Vac

Sold for $1,000.00

2017 Grainmaxx 63105HC 13in X 105Ft Telescopic Advanced Series Swing Auger

540PTO, LED Lights  Sold for $15,000.00

Batco FX 1545 Conveyor Auger

32.5hp Kohler Eng, Elec Start, Hyd Drive Mover Kit, Light Kit,  (One Owner Unit) Used for 130,000 bushels of Cereal crop. Bought new in 2019. Always Shedded.

Sold for $23,000.00

Wheatheart BH 846 Auger

c/w20.5hp Subaru Eng, Elec Start  Sold for $4,500.00

Farm King 7 X 41 Auger

c/w 13hp Honda Eng, Elec Start  Sold for $1,500.00

W70-41 Westfield Auger

Powerfist Gas Engine  Sold for $2,000.00

MK100-61 10x60 Westfield Swing out Auger

Sold for $8,500.00

Farm King 1070 Mechanical Drive Swing Out Auger

540PTO  Sold for $7,500.00

Farm King 1380 Mechanical Drive Swing Out Auger

540PTO This Unit was previously advertised as a 70Ft.  Sold for $4,250.00

Farm King 1370 Mechanical Drive Swing Auger

Lodar Mover Kit, Light, 540PTO  Sold for $4,000.00

17Ft SWS Grain Box

C/W Hoist, Michels Roll Tarp, Truck Frame Extender  Sold for $7,000.00

17Ft Grain Box

58in High  Sold for $4,500.00

919 Grain Moisture Tester & other Grain Handling Assec

Temperature Probe, Bin Level Indicators, Grain Shovels, Auger Hoppers,  & more..  Sold for $800.00


6- GSI 5400bu 18Ft Dia Hopper Bottom Grain Bins.

C/W Triple Base, OPI Cables & 5hp 220V Aeration Fan

Sold for $17,000.00, $18,000.00 & $20,000.00

3- 2750bu 14Ft X 6-Ring Twister Hopper Bottom Grain Bins

C/W Base, Ladders, Rocket Aeration, Lid Openers & OPI Cables

Sold for $13,000.00 each.

2-2750bu Westeel Rosco Hopper Bottom Grain Bins

C/W Base, Ladder, Rocket Aeration & OPI Cables

Sold for $10,000.00 & $13,000.00 each.

(4)-2200bu Westeel Rosco Hopper Bottom Grain Bins

Base & Ladders. 3 have OPI Cable.  Sold for $8,500.00 each.

(5) +/-2750bu Twister 6-Ring X 14Ft Hopper Bottom Grain Bins

1 has  Aeration.   Sold for $7,000.00 & $8,500.00 each.

+/-2750bu 6-Ring X 14Ft Twister Hopper Bottom Grain Bin

OPI Cable, Double Skid Base, Ladder, Man Door.  Sold for $6,000.00

+/-2200bu 6-Ring X 14Ft Westeel Rosco Hopper Bottom Grain Bin

Lid Opener, c/w Extra Bin Rings to repair Bin.  Sold for $4,500.00

14Ft X 7-Ring +/-3000bu Westland Grain Bin w/new floor

Ladder & OPI Cable CO 1138  Sold for $1,750.00

14Ft X 4-Ring +/-2000 bu Butler Grain Bin on good floor

CO 1138  Sold for $1,000.00

14Ft X 6-Ring +/-2000bu Westeel Rosco Grain (2018 Floor)

Sold for $4,250.00

14Ft X 6-Ring +/-2000bu Twister Grain (2021 Floor)

Hopper in Wood Floor & Ladder  Sold for $4,250.00

+/-2400bu 14Ft X 6-Ring Twister Grain Bin

Ladder, OPI Cable, Hopper in Wood Floor  CO 812  Sold for $5,000.00

+/-2400bu 14Ft X 6-Ring Twister Grain Bin

Ladder, OPI Cable, Hopper in Wood Floor,  V-Aeration Outlet  Sold for $3,000.00

+/-2300bu 7Ring X 14Ft Westeel Rosco Grain Bin

Hopper in wood floor, Aeration, Ladder, Lid Opener & OPI Cable  Sold for $4,250.00

+/-1800bu 14Ft X 5-Ring Westeel-Rosco Grain Bin

Poor Floor CO 1138 Sold for $1,000.00

+/-2400bu 14Ft X 6-Ring Twister Grain Bin

Ladder. (No Floor,  No Lid & Incomplete Door)

Sold for $1,200.00 to $2,200.00

+/-2250bu 6-Ring X 14ft Westeel Rosco Hopper Bottom Grain Bin

Ladder, Rocket Aeration CO 469  Sold for $2,750.00

(3)-50Ft Grain Rings w/Tarps, Aeration & Doors

Sold for $750.00 to $2,250.00

(3)-10hp, 220V, Single Phase Aeration Fans

Sold for $900.00 to $1,500.00 each.

5HP & 3 HP Aeration Fans

Sold for $1,300.00 to $1,750.00 each.

Triple Skid 14Ft Hopper Base & 14Ft Bin Rings

Sold for $900.00 each.

Bin Doors & Floor Hoppers


(4)-Westeel Grain Bins +/-14,000bu 33Ft x 5-Ring (Parcel #s' B1, B2, B3 & B4)

Sold for $1,000.00 to $1,250.00

(1) 14Ft X 7-Ring Westeel Rosco +/-2750bu Hopper Bottom Grain Bin (Parcel B5)

Sold for $5,250.00

(1) Westeel Rosco18Ft X 5-Ring +/-4750bu Rosco Hopper Bottom Grain Bin (Parcel B6)

Sold for $5,250.00

2-Ring X 14Ft Overhead Bin w/Stand (Parcel B7)

Sold for $500.00

Grain Drag w/Bottom Pipe, Electric Drive & Top Catwalk (Parcel B8)

Sold for $250.00

Control Room Shed w/Breaker Panels & Single Phase to 3-Phase Converters (Parcel B9)

Sold for $500.00

80Ft Grain Lag w/Anchor Cables & Downspouts (Parcel L1)

Sold for $6,000.00

Dryer Leg (Parcel L2)

Sold for $1000.00

(2) Westeel 18Ft X 5-Ring +/-4750bu Hopper Bottom Grain Bin (Parcels C1 & C2)

C/W Ladders & Rocket Aeration.

Sold for $17000.00 each.

(2) 10in Unloading Augers c/w 3-Phase Electric Drive Motors (Parcels C3 & C4)

Sold for $1,000.00 each


John Deere 9450 40Ft Hoe Drill

Rubber Packers, Eagle Tips, Factory Transport, 7in Spacing.  Sold for $4,000.00

John Deere 1600 35Ft Deep Tillage Cultivator

12in Spacing  Sold for $3,000.00

International 19Ft Cultivator

Mounted Spring Tooth Harrows, Rear Hitch  Sold for $1,250.00


White 249 24Ft Cultivator

s/n 20-1565-8  Sold for $2,000.00

Cockshutt 252 14Ft Tandem Disc

Sold for $1,000.00

Case 14Ft Disc

Sold for $700.00

14Ft Rootpicker

Planetary/Clutch Drive, 100PTO  Sold for $4,000.00

70Ft Springtooth Harrows

Sold for $1,000.00

International 70 4-Bottom Plow

Sold for $1,250.00

V-Ditcher w/Hyd Lift Cylinder

Sold for $750.00

Custom Built 30Ft Root Harrow

Sold for $11,000.00


Flexi-Coil 67 100Ft Field Sprayer

850g Tank, Wind Cones  Sold for $2,000.00


1989 Muv-all 4860D T/A Equipment Trailer

Deck width Extends from 8.5Ft to 12Ft.  21Ft 8in Long Deck.

Sold for $13,000.00

1997 Doepker Super-B High Boy Trailers

32ft Lead 28ft 22.5 Tires

Sold for $2,000.00

1993 Trailmobile 52Ft Tridem High Boy Bale Hauler Trailer

Sold for $1,500.00

2012 Load Max 30Ft T/A Dually Gooseneck Trailer

Beaver Tail, Flip-Up Ramps, ST235/85R16 Tires, Electric over Hydraulic Brakes

Sold for $14,000.00

2008 Load max 41Ft Tridem Stepdeck Dually Gooseneck Trailer

Beaver Tail, Flip-Up Ramps, ST235/80R16 Tires, Air over Hydraulic Brakes

Sold for $7,000.00

2004 PJ GN302 30Ft T/A Dually Gooseneck Trailer

Beaver Tail, Flip-Up Ramps, Spare Tire, ST235/85R16 Tires, Electric over Hydraulic Brakes

Sold for $9,000.00

2004 Trail Tech TD-220 31Ft T/A Dually Bumper Pull Trailer

Pintle Hitch, Beaver Tail, Aluminum Flip-Up Ramps, 255/70R2.5 Tires, Air Brakes

Sold for $4,000.00

2012 Oasis 30Ft Tridem Gooseneck/5th Wheel Deck Trailer

8.5Ft Wide, 7000lb axles, Pop-Up/Flip Over Ramps. LED Lights.  235/85R16 16Ply Tires

Sold for $4,000.00

1996 36Ft T/A Dually Stepdeck Equipment Trailer

LT235/85R16 Tires, Beaver Tail, Crank Dollys  Sold for $3,000.00

22Ft Tilt Deck Trailer

235/80R16 Tires  Sold for $5,000.00

2004 H & H 20Ft T/A Cargo Trailer

3500lb axles, Rear Ramp Door  Sold for $7,000.00

Custom Built T/A Car Hauler Trailer

Sells with Bill of Sale Only. Unable to register in Alberta AS-IS  Sold for $500.00

28Ft Farm Wagon Hay Rack Trailer 9Ft Wide

Sold for $1,000.00


Drive-On Vehicle Lift

5Ft high,  8.5Ft wide, 17Ft long. Sold for $2,000.00

Clark C500-Y60 Forklift (Not in Running Order)

Carburator Issues

Quick Attach Rake to fit 200 Series Track Hoe

Sold for $4,000.00

Wacker Neuson LTW20 Light Tower

Bearing Not Good on Gen Set. Engine is Good. Sells AS-IS.  Sold for $1,200.00

Welders, Tidy Tanks, etc. Consigned by Isaac Schmidt
(2) 36in Aluminum Underbody Toolboxes (Unused)
Clark 480 Electric Forklift w/Exide 24V Charger

7755hrs  Sold for $700.00

3pt Forklift


2006 Peterbilt T/A Truck Tractor

Magnum Moose Bumper, Cat Eng, 18spd Trans, 11R24.5 Rubber, 1,188,541km. Work order done in Nov 2020 inc: Fix Engine Oil Leaks, Fuel Gauge, Ignition, Brakes etc.  New Batteries & Master Switch.
Sold for $3


1990 Peterbilt T/A Grain Truck

425 cat, 18 spd, 46rr, 20Ft Steel Box & Telescopic Hoist, Roll Tarp

Sold for $26,000.00

Ford LN750 S/A Grain Truck

Steel Box & Hoist, V8 Gas Engine, 10spd Trans. _Not considered a Road-Worthy Truck) Sold for $800.00

1996 Western Star 4964F T/A Gravel Truck

15 spd trans,  46 Rears, Rubber Block Susp,  425 Manuel Cat Eng,  4-Way Lockers. May require Inspection to register in Alberta. Has previously had B.C. registration only.

Sold for $12,000.00

2009 Dodge Ram 5500SLT Dually Cummins 4x4 Deck/Picker Truck

w/2009 Hiab 077CLX Picker 6.7L Cummins Turbo, A/T, 341116km

Sold for $8,000.00

2006 Ford F-350XLT Superduty Dually Ext/Cab 4X4 Deck/Picker Truck

Powerstroke V8 Turbo Diesel Eng, 6-Spd St Trans, 250394km, c/w 2002 Hiab 026T Picker s/n 072098

Sold for $4,500.00

2005 F250XL Superduty 4x4 Ford Deck Truck

5.4L Triton Eng, A/T

Sold for $1,500.00

2004 Dodge Ram 3500 Quad Cab Deck Truck

Cummins Diesel Eng, St Trans, 498668km,

Sold for $3,500.00

2005 Ford F450XL Superduty Dually Crew Cab Deck Truck

6.0L Powerstroke V8 Diesel Eng, A/T,  213980km

Sold for $3,000.00

2011 IC 41-pass Wheel Chair Bus

145883km, Maxxforce Diesel Eng, A/T,

Sold for $2,000.00

2009 Blue Bird 35-pass Bus

Cummins Diesel Eng, A/T,

Sold for $1,900.00

2001 Thomas Freightliner Bus

5.9L Cummins Eng,  A/T,  448425km (Low Power on Engine)

Sold for $1,000.00

2005 Chevrolet 2500HD Silverado Ext/Cab 4x4 L/B Pickup

6.6L Duramax Diesel Eng, A/T, 239233km

Sold for $4,250.00

2005 GMC Sierra 2500SLE 4x4 Crew Cab Pickup Truck

6.0L Gas Eng, A/T, 319152km

Sold for $3,000.00

2006 Chevy 2500LS 4X4 Pickup Truck

245756km,  Gas Eng, A/T

Sold for $2,750.00

2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Megacab 4x4 Tracks Drive Pickup

5.7L Hemi, A/T, 171975km, c/w a set of (4) LT265/70R17 Tires on 8-Bolt Rims

Sold for $2,750.00

1991 GMC Sierra 3500 Ext/Cab Dually 2wd Pickup

 7.4L V8 Gas Eng, A/T, 203614km,


2012 Ford F-150XLT Super Crew Cab XTR 4X4 Pickup

5L Triton V8 Eng, A/T, 6-Pass, 94078km, 6.5Ft Box, Truxedo Roll-Up Box Cover, Brake Controller, (One Owner Unit).  Right Side Mirror will be replaced (Free of Charge) at Outback Autobody.

Sold for $21,500.00

2008 Ford F150 Super Crew Cab 2wd Pickup

5.4L Triton Eng, A/T,  Camper Shell, 265,852km  (One Owner Unit) Oil Change every 4500km, New Battery, New Spark Plugs & Wires

Sold for $12,500.00

2005 GMC Sierra 1500 2wd Pickup

Odometer not Working. 4.3L V6 Eng, A/T

Sold for $500.00

2010 Nissan Titan 4x4 Crew Cab Pickup

5.6L V8 Eng, A/T, 5-PASS, Cloth Int, Box Cover, Rear Slider Window, 301112km,

Sold for $1,000.00


2002 GMC Sierra 2500 Ext/Cab 4x4 Pickup (No Reverse)

6.0L Vortec Eng, A/T, 370465km,

Sold for $400.00


2006 GMC Yukon Denali AWD SUV

5.3L V8 Vortec Eng, A/T,  7-pass, Leather Int, 263609km, Brake Controller

Sold for $1,250.00

2014 Ford Explorer SUV (Police Model)

V6 Ecoboost Eng, A/T, 234212km, Backup Camera in Rear View Mirror

2008 Pontiac MontanaSV6 MInivan

V6 Eng, A/T,  239999km,

Sold for $400.00

2005 Ford Freestar Minivan


Sold for $100.00

2008 ImpalaLS 4-Door Car

196621km, 3.5L V6 Eng, A/T

Sold for $1,500.00

2003 Sunfire 4-Door Car

2.2L Eco Tec Eng, A/T, 189485km

Sold for $500.00

1983 Chevrolet Caprice Classic 4-Door Car

5.0 Ltr Eng, Auto Trans.  58460km Showing

Sold for $1,750.00


1994 Salem Cobra 5th Wheel Holiday Trailer

Sleeps 6, (Retorque Wheels Studs after 100km)
Sold for $500.00

Kit Companion 25FF 5th Wheel Trailer

Sleeps 6, Shower, Spare Tire

Sold for $3,000.00

1992 Prowler Fleetwood 5th Wheel Holiday Trailer

Sleeps 6,

Sold for $500.00

1991 5th Wheel Holiday Trailer

Sleeps 6, Awning works. Consignor had not used this Unit, therefore unable to verify that all is in working order.

Sold for $700.00

2006 Westland 7,6 MID Overhead Camper

Furnace, Stove, Fridge, Running Water, Toilet, 2-Propane Tanks & more…

Sold for $2,100.00

16Ft Aluminum Boat & Trailer w/50hp Mercury 4-Stroke Kicker

VIN Not Available for Boat & Trailer.

Sold for $4,500.00

2011 Yamaha Electric Golf Cart (Good Condition)

Sold for $3,500.00

Club Car Electric Golf Cart (New Batteries & Tires)


Sold for $2,750.00

2007 Yamaha Electric Golf Cart (New Batteries)

Sold for $3,000.00

2009 Yamaha YFZ 450 Quad

Sold for $2,750.00

Polaris 50 2cyl Quad

Sold for $500.00

12in Quad Tires on Can-Am Rims
Aluminum Quad Ramps
Compact Goose Decoys


4yr Old Simmental Cow w/Calf Calved May 27, 2021

Has been with Bull till now. Might be, or might not be a bred Cow. CO 2067

Sold for $1,500.00

13yr Old Cow w/Steer Calf from Beginning April

CO 4876

Sold for $1,250.00

5yr Old Bay Gelding Canadian/1/4 Horse Cross

Broke to ride for Experienced Rider. CO 869

Sold for $1,000.00

13yr Old Gelding (Broke to ride & Drive)

CO 1509

Sold for $4,000.00

9yr Old Gelding Horse

CO 2385

Sold for $900.00

12yr Old mare Pony. Possibly bred to a Donkey for 2022

CO 5392

Sold for $200.00

9yr Old Gelding Pony

Broke to ride for Experienced Rider. CO 3174

Sold for $550.00

Mare Pony

CO 2518

Sold for $250.00

2.5yr Old Boar Pig

CO 1579

Sold for $100.00

(8) +/- 100LB Weaner Pigs

CO 2939

Sold for $100.00 each

(20) 70-80lb Weaner Pigs

CO 4789

Sold for $45.00

(7) 50lb Weaner Pigs

CO 4458

Sold for $60.00 to $70.00 each.

Riding Saddles

Sold for $350.00 each

John Deere 750 Mix Mill


Sold for $1,500.00

John Deere 930 MoCo 11.5Ft Discbine


Sold for $1,000.00

John Deere 702 10-Wheel V-Rake

Sold for $3,500.00

John Deere 530 Round Baler

Sold for $1,200.00

Hesston 565A Round Baler

Sold for $1,000.00

Massey Ferguson 124 Square Baler

Some knotting issues. Shoots some lose bales. Manuel Included.

Sold for $1,200.00

John Deere 24T Square Baler

Sold for $500.00

Hi Qual Cattle Squeeze

Sold for $1,300.00

Lewis Cattle Oiler

Sold for $1,000.00

Livestock Round Bale Feeder

Sold for $700.00

24Ft Freestanding Windbreak Panels

Sold for $300.00 each

24Ft Freestanding Panels

Sold for $350.00 each

24Ft Freestanding Hog/Sheep Panels

Sold for $350.00 each

8Ft Prairie Gate

Sold for $60.00

Qty of 28-- (4x5) Round Brome/Timothy Mix Hay Bales +/-800lb Baled in 2020.

Selling Off-Site. 2 for sample on Site. 10 of these are considered w/more weeds than the other 18. Bales are Located at Pinnacle Estates west of La Crete. For Load-out on these bales in the next 2 weeks call Martin Schmidt @ 780-821-0716.

Sold for $20.00 to $25.00 each

15 Lg Square Hay Bales (Selling Off-Site in Tompkins Area)

For Load-out on these bales call Abe Thiessen @ 780-928-2523

Sold for $10.00 to $20.00 each.


1 of (5) Magnum 4000 Series Gold Diesel Fired Hot Water Pressure Washer

15 hp elec start eng, 30FT hose & wand

Sold for $2,600.00 each

Shop Tools Cons by Nettie Loewen Inc: Trademaster Bandsaw etc

2in Water Pump

6in King Industrial Jointer w/Helical Cutterhead
Extension Ladder
Woodworking Tools & Supplies
Wheel Jack, Floor Jack, Air Jack, etc

Air Jack requires attantion

24in, 36in & 48in Pipe Wrenches
Cordless Drill w/Battery & Charger


Unused Furniture & Fixtures Inc: Queen & King Headboards

that was intended to be Motel Room Furnishings. Coffee Tables, Benches, Couches, Jacuzzi Tubs, Shower/Tub Combos’, Bar Stools, Pedestal Sinks, Night Stands, Various Light Fixtures.


Lg Assortment & Variety of Spruce Lumber in Boards, 1in & 2in
Qty of 2x8x10Ft & 2x6x10Ft Aspen Lumber
Qty of OSB
Misc Tin
Power Poles


(2)-40Ft Overhead N/G Radiant Heaters
John Deere Cultivator Sweeps to fit 1600 John Deere
Fuel Tanks & Stands
Shipping Crates
Qty of Pallets of Unused Bolts & more
200Ft +/- Chain Link Fencing Plus Posts and acc
Crop Lifters
Truck Box for Stepside GMC Pickup w/End Gate & Headache Rack


(3) 18.4-38 Tractor Tires
(3) Goodyear 30.5-32 Tractor Tires

co 289

30.5-32 Skidder Tire

co 289

15in Tires on 5-Bolt Rims (Unused)

co 1234

Set of (4)-225/75R15 Trailer Tires on 5x4.5 rims
Set of (4)-285/65R18 to fit Ford Super Duty
Set of (4)-275/70R18 on Ford Super Duty Aluminum Wheels
Set of (4) Rims off a 2013 Denali
(4) Aluminum Truck Rims
Set of (4) Skidsteer Tires on Rims


2010 John Deere Z445 Zero Turn Mower

25hp Eng, 54in Cut, W/Blower & Bagger, 325hrs  (Consigned by Nettie Loewen)

Sold for $4,250.00

2009 John Deere Z425 Zero Turn Mower

23hp, 54in Deck,  376hrs

Sold for $2,750.00

2006 Exmark Lazer Z Commercial Zero Turn Mower

Ultra Cut 60 Deck, 882hrs on a Weak 25hp Kohler Eng. Low Power & Burns some oil

Sold for $1,750.00

Husqvarna YTH2248 Riding Lawn Mower

22hp, 48in Cut, A/T Drive, 412hrs

Sold for $1,100.00

Husqvarna 17in Garden Tiller

Counter Rotating Tines, Shifter Stuck

Sold for $400.00

Walk-Behind Garden Tiller

Sold for $175.00

John Deere Garden Tiller

Sold for $50.00

Tow-Behind Lawn Sprayer

(Consigned by Nettie Loewen)

Echo PAS-2620 2cyl Gas Pruner/Tiller/Edger/Sweeper

(Consigned by Nettie Loewen)

Stihl FS55 Weed Eater
Picnic Tables
Post Hole Auger
Road Oiler Spray Bar Tank
Lawn Sprayer (Parts)
Landscape Ties
Custom Built Dog Kennel & Insulated Doghouse

(Consigned by Nettie Loewen)

Sold for $1,300.00

Battery Operated Rechargeable Garden Tools

Chain Saw, Weed Eater, & Leaf Blower


3pt Buhler/Farm King 60in Finish Mower

Sold for $1,300.00

3pt Buhler/Farm King 80in Rototiller

(Consigned by Nettie Loewen)

Sold for $3,500.00

3pt 48in Rototiller

Sold for $50.00

3pt Yan Mar 60in Snowblower

Sold for $600.00


Sold for $300.00

3pt Frontier A-105 Sickle Mower PTO Drive

(All parts included on this disassembled unit besides the Driveline to the tractor)

Sold for $1,250.00

Multipurpose Skidsteer Bucket

Sold for $500.00

Kubota FEL Buckets

Sold for $125.00 for a set of 3


Household Selling for Nettie Loewen Inc: 3pc Rocker/Recliner Leather Couch Set
4Ft Wide x 4.5Ft-6.5Ft Kitchen Table
Kitchen Chairs, TV Trays, Humidifier
Electric Range