Aug 04


9:00 am | Saturday, August 4th, 2018


LAM Yardsite

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From La Crete: Drive 40km South West on HWY 697


Once again we are having our Annual FREE breakfast
(7am-9am), to show our appreciation to all our Consignors and Bidders.

Notable Items:

  • 2007 6430 John Deere MFWD Tractor

Auction Items:


1992 9600 John Deere Combine

c/w 914 Pickup Header. 4048Thres hrs, 5563 eng hrs, New Rub Bars & Cylinder Shaft, $20,000.00 Work Order on Green Light before 2017 Harvest. 30.5L-32fr, 14.9-24rr

SOLD FOR:$26,000.00

25ft Honey Bee Draper Header

sn 4259393 to fit New Holland combine, comes with fore and aft
and factory transport

SOLD FOR:$7,000.00

2008 WS36 36ft Honey Bee Draper Header

sn 36WS075315 Fits Case IH 1203 swather or any adapter. Dual knife ,Dual Reel,
Factory transport

SOLD FOR:$1,500.00

930 John Deere STR Cut Header

SOLD FOR:$2,900.00

36ft 960 Macdon Draper Header

C/W John Deere 60series Adapter, Factory Transport

SOLD FOR:$400.00

JD 218 STR Cut Header

SOLD FOR:$1,700.00

JD 224 Flex Header

New Knife and Guards 700 acres ago. sn H00224FG11573

SOLD FOR:$3,000.00

914 John Deere Pickup Header

Crop Guard, 700 acres after Green light

SOLD FOR:$4,000.00

2003 Frontier GC1100 Grain Cart w/Scales

sn JMGC1110X0401047 Triple Star Scales, 900 Rubber, 22in Adjustable Discharge Auger, 1000PTO, Tarp, Scales comes with Agrimatics wireless scalepad control.

SOLD FOR:$37,000.00

Trailtech Header Transport

SOLD FOR:$2,750.00


220 Massey Ferguson 22.5ft Swather

1876hrs, Pickup Reel

SOLD FOR:$17,000.00

1980 2420 21ft JD Diesel Swather

sn 52015E. Triple Delivery, New Knife, Air Conditioned Cab

SOLD FOR:$5,500.00

4000 Case IH 19.5ft Swather

U2 Pickup Reel, sn 13100000009051

SOLD FOR:$4,250.00

1900 Premiere 25ft Pull Type Swather

SOLD FOR:$2,000.00

Case IH 20ft Pull Type Swather

Pickup Reel, & Crop Divider

SOLD FOR:$2,000.00

Swather Transport Trailer

VIN Not Available (May Require Inspection to Register)

21ft JD Pull Type Swather

SOLD FOR:$200.00


2007 6430 John Deere MFWD Tractor

sn 515776 Like new Rubber, 18.4R38 rr, 16.9R24fr, 4571hrs, 3ph, 1000PTO, c/w 563 Self Leveling FEL Bucket & Grapple

SOLD FOR:$62,000.00

4650 John Deere 2wd Tractor

sn RW4650H009017 1000PTO, 8424hrs, Good Rubber 18.4R42rr Duals, 16.5L-16.1fr

SOLD FOR:$21,000.00


16ft Case Tandem Disc

SOLD FOR:$1,000.00

12ft Deep Tillage Cultivator

w/Hyd Lift Cylinder

SOLD FOR:$1,400.00

12ft Vibrashank Cultivator

SOLD FOR:$250.00

230 JD 30 FT Disc

SOLD FOR:$4,500.00

40ft Nobleblade Plow

SOLD FOR:$1,250.00


MH-310 Morris Hoe Drill

Factory Transport, Steel Packers, sn 4032

SOLD FOR:$1,750.00

Valmar 1620

Was mounted on 40 foot JD cultivator, comes complete with all hoses, controls
and manual.

70ft Brandt HC Quick Fold Field Sprayer

SOLD FOR:$700.00

80ft Brandt Field Sprayer

750g Tank, Pump Frozen

SOLD FOR:$900.00

60ft Brandt Field Sprayer

400g Tank, Monitors and Controls in the Tank

SOLD FOR:$800.00

Handler III Chemical Handler

SOLD FOR:$275.00

20hp Kohler Motor
60ft Blanchard Hydralift Harrow Packer Bar

SOLD FOR:$8,500.00

70ft Flexi Coil Diamond Harrows

SOLD FOR:$3,000.00

30ft Land Leveler

SOLD FOR:$5,000.00

Left Hand Root Picker 10.5ft x 19in Drum

SOLD FOR:$2,000.00

8ft Drag Root Rake

SOLD FOR:$100.00

EZ Trail 680 Header Transport Trailer

SOLD FOR:$3,000.00

S/A Manure Spreader

SOLD FOR:$900.00

Massey Ferguson 9 Square Baler

sn 1327004895

SOLD FOR:$1,000.00

Wheatheart Binsweep

SOLD FOR:$1,400.00

500g Fuel Tank & Stand
Concave for 1480 Case IH Combine
20ft Batt Reel
Pull Type Grader

SOLD FOR:$1,000.00


1985 Eisler 34ft T/A Grain Trailer

VIN 48752

SOLD FOR:$500.00

2010 Neewalta CHS 10in Grain Bagger

sn 4SHA0810 c/w Loading Auger, & Tarp. 8×8 Agri Cover Bagger Hopper

SOLD FOR:$39,000.00

10×65 Batco conveyor auger, PTO drive

12.5in Belt, 10in Tube

SOLD FOR:$500.00

W130-71 Westfield Auger

PTO Drive, C/W Transfer Auger

SOLD FOR:$1,500.00

1370 Farm King Swing Out Auger co EW

SOLD FOR:$3,800.00

10x70 Brandt Swing-out Auger

c/w New Gear Box & U-Joints

SOLD FOR:$5,000.00

MK100-61 Westfield Swingout Auger CO JP

sn 243073

SOLD FOR:$9,250.00

MK100-61 Westfield Swingout Auger CO WD

SOLD FOR:$7,750.00

MK100-61 Westfield Swingout Auger CO DD

SOLD FOR:$7,500.00

MK100-61 Westfield Swingout Auger CO EN

SOLD FOR:$2,000.00

10x61 Westfield Swingout Auger co JL

SOLD FOR:$1,000.00

10x61 Westfield Swingout Auger co JL 2

Needs Tubing Repair

SOLD FOR:$2,500.00

10 x 60 Farm King Swing Out Auger co KP

SOLD FOR:$1,500.00

10 x 60 Farm King Swing Out Auger
TF80-46 Westfield Auger

c/w (Like New) Kohler Command Pro 20hp Eng. Auger & Engine both in Mint Condition! sn 208118

SOLD FOR:$6,000.00

W80x51 Westfield Auger co IM

PTO Drive

SOLD FOR:$1,750.00

7 x 46 Westfield Auger

C/W 13Hp Honda Eng

SOLD FOR:$2,500.00

W70-46 Westfield Grain Auger co PD

c/w 16hp Kohler Eng, Elec Start

SOLD FOR:$1,650.00

842 Brandt Supercharge Auger

SOLD FOR:$2,500.00

WESTFIELD TF80-36 8 In. x 36 Ft Grain Auger

540 PTO, electric motor mount sn 186289

Walinga Grain Vac

SOLD FOR:$2,000.00

50 Chevrolet S/A Grain Truck

Wood Box & Hoist. VIN CS5371 103929

SOLD FOR:$1,250.00

Silver Sweet ATOM 1 Grain Leg

sn RDC 30413

SOLD FOR:$2,500.00


15ft x 4Ring 2850bu Sukup Hopper Bottom Grain Bin (Unused)

SOLD FOR:$12,750.00

Bin D4 2000bu Westeel Rosco 14ft x 6 Ring Grain Bin

c/w Half Moon Aeration, Hopper in Wood Floor, 220V Aeration Fan & OPI Cable

SOLD FOR:$5,700.00

Bin D3 Westeel Rosco 2750bu 14ft X 8 Ring Grain Bin

c/w Hopper in Wood Floor, Half Moon Aeration, 220V Aeration Fan & OPI Cable

SOLD FOR:$7,100.00

Bin D5 2400bu Westeel Rosco 14 ft x 7 Ring Grain Bin

c/w Half Moon Aeration, Hopper in Wood Floor, & OPI Cable

SOLD FOR:$7,100.00

Bin D6 2400bu Westeel Rosco 14 ft x 7 Ring Grain Bin

c/w Half Moon Aeration, Hopper in Wood Floor, & OPI Cable

SOLD FOR:$5,600.00

Bin D7 2400bu Westeel Rosco 14 ft x 7 Ring Grain Bin

c/w Half Moon Aeration, Hopper in Wood Floor, & OPI Cable

SOLD FOR:$5,000.00

Bin 8 2400bu Westel Rosco 14ft X 7 Ring Grain Bin

c/w Wood Hopper in Floor, Rocket Aeration, & OPI Cable

SOLD FOR:$6,000.00

Bin D2 Westeel Rosco 2400bu 14ft X 7 Ring Grain Bin

c/w Rocket Aeration, Hopper in Wood Floor, & OPI Cable

SOLD FOR:$6,000.00

Bin D1 Westeel Rosco 2400bu 14ft X 7 Ring Grain Bin

c/w Rocket Aeration, Hopper in Wood Floor, & OPI Cable

SOLD FOR:$7,000.00

Bin A1 2400bu Westeel Rosco 7-Ring. 14ft Grain Bin

C/W Hopper in Wood Floor

SOLD FOR:$7,100.00

Bin A2 2400bu Westeel Rosco 7-Ring. 14ft Grain Bin

C/W Hopper in Wood Floor

SOLD FOR:$7,100.00

Bin A3 2400bu Twister 6-Ring x 14ft Grain Bin

C/W Hopper in Steel Floor & Aeration

SOLD FOR:$7,100.00

Bin A4 2400bu Twister 6-Ring x 14ft Grain Bin

SOLD FOR:$7,100.00

Bin J1 2000bu 14ft x 6 Ring Westeel Rosco Grain Bin

C/W OPI Cable, & Hoppers in Wood Floor

SOLD FOR:$4,200.00

Bin J2 2000bu 14ft x 6 Ring Westeel Rosco Grain Bin

C/W OPI Cable, 220V Aeration Fan & Hoppers in Wood Floor

SOLD FOR:$5,000.00

Bin J3 2000bu 14ft x 6 Ring Westeel Rosco Grain Bin

C/W OPI Cable, & Hoppers in Wood Floor

SOLD FOR:$4,200.00

Bin J4 2000bu 14ft x 6 Ring Westeel Rosco Grain Bin

C/W OPI Cable, & Hoppers in Wood Floor

SOLD FOR:$4,200.00

Bin J5 2000bu 14ft x 6 Ring Westeel Rosco Grain Bin

C/W OPI Cable, 110V Aeration Fan & Hoppers in (NEW) Wood Floor

SOLD FOR:$6,600.00

Bin J6 2000bu 14ft x 6 Ring Westeel Rosco Grain Bin

C/W OPI Cable, & Hoppers in (NEW) Wood Floor

SOLD FOR:$6,600.00

Bin J7 2000bu 14ft x 6 Ring Westeel Rosco Grain Bin

C/W OPI Cable, & Hoppers in (NEW) Wood Floor

SOLD FOR:$6,600.00

7-Ring x 14ft Westeel Rosco Grain Bin

OPI Cable, & Hopper in Wood Floor

SOLD FOR:$7,100.00

1 of 2 10hp 230V Aeration Fan
230V Aeration Fan
Qty. of Aeration Fans
35ft Round Grain Bin Tarp
(3) Caldwell 3hp Aeration Fans

220V, Single Phase

Caldwell 3hp Aeration Fan

220V, Single Phase, c/w Aeration Sock


(6) Easy Kleen Diesel Fired Hot Water Pressure Washer

Magnum 4000 Series Gold 15 hp elec start eng, 30FT Hose & Wand

SOLD FOR:$2,500.00 -$2,000.00

80in Heavy Duty Multi Drawer Tool Cabinet

c/w: 12 drawers, 2 large doors, 2 small doors

SOLD FOR:$750.00

(2) 10FT 20 Drawer Heavy Duty Metal Work Bench

With hanging peg board c/w 40” high hanging peg board, stainless steel drawer panel, metal handles

SOLD FOR:$1,000.00
SOLD FOR:$700.00

30FT X 65FT X 15FT Peak Ceiling Double Door Storage Building

C/W: commercial fabric, waterproof, UV and Fire Resistant, 12′ x 12′ drive through doors at two ends

SOLD FOR:$2,000.00

20FT X 30FT X 12FT Peak Ceiling Storage Shelter

C/W: Commercial fabric, roll up door

SOLD FOR:$1,200.00

16 ft x 22 ft Marquee Event Tent

C/W: 320 sq.ft, one zipper door, 7 windows, heavy duty frames and fabrics

SOLD FOR:$400.00

30FT X 40FT X 15FT Super Ceiling Storage Shelter
8FT X 10FT Twin Wall Green House

SOLD FOR:$400.00

20FT X 30FT Twin Wall Green House

SOLD FOR:$700.00

(3) 94in Skid Steer Hydraulic Dozer Blade

SOLD FOR:$1,500.00 -$900.00

10000 LB Heavy Duty Two Post Auto Lift

SOLD FOR:$1,000.00

(2) 72in Forklift Fork Extension

SOLD FOR:$200.00

(2) 20FT Heavy Duty Bi-Parting Wrought Iron Driveway Gate (to sell as one pair)

SOLD FOR:$500.00

80in 3 PTO Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller c/w: gear drive

SOLD FOR:$1,200.00

Heavy Duty Tire Changer, c/w: 110v 60 hz

SOLD FOR:$900.00

Heavy Duty Wheel Balancer c/w: 110v 60 hz

SOLD FOR:$400.00

Kohler Power Plate Compactor

SOLD FOR:$650.00

(2) 3 PTO Heavy Duty Wood Chipper C/W: fit 40-70hp

SOLD FOR:$500.00

(2) 2000Lbs 12V ATV Electric Winch
(10) 2in x 27ft Ratchet Tie Down
(4) Submersible Sewage Water Pump 1-1/4HP


Set of (8) 710/70R 42 Tires
(3) 710/70R42 Tractor Tires
(2) 20.8R42 Tires
18 & 20 in Rims & Tires
Michelin Truck Tires on Aluminum Rims
Set of Ford Rims to fit 2012 F150 Ford Pickup


1994 Freightliner Conventional T/A Truck Tractor

VIN 2FUYDDYB9RA643316 11R24.5 Rubber, Cummins Eng, 15spd,

SOLD FOR:$3,500.00

2008 F450 XLT 4x4 Superduty Powerstroke Turbo Diesel Service Truck

VIN 1FDXF47R98EA92325 Dually, 70CFM Vmac Air Compressor, 255,977km,

SOLD FOR:$3,000.00

2007 P185 Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor

sn 382292UBRB34. John Deere Diesel Power, 1069hrs showing

SOLD FOR:$9,000.00

+/- 500pc of Drill Stem

2 3/8in, & 2 7/8in

2002 Timber King 1161 Feller Buncher

SN TKD00188 15,001 hours; in good working condition.
Bought at Ritchie’s 2 years ago and never used it once. Work order is
attached that was done before it went to Ritchie’s. Brand new batteries
installed a month ago. Ready to go to work. Consignor has a trailer full of parts to fit this machine that can be bought separately.

SOLD FOR:$19,000.00

1994 Beeline Super-B Log Trailer

Air Ride Susp, C/W (6) 10ft log Bunks & Pocket Stakes, 11R22.5 Rubber on Inside Steel, Outside Aluminum Rims, 1 New Axle, Holland Crank Dollys
Lead VIN 2B9LBP825R2059411
Pup VIN 2B9LBL835R2059412

SOLD FOR:$7,500.00

1999 Arrow Super-B Log Trailer

c/w 6-10ft Log Bunks & Pocket Stakes, Air Ride Susp, 11R24.5 rubber on Dayton Rims
Lead VIN 2L9ASBC35X1078641
Pup VIN 2L9ASBB26X1078962

SOLD FOR:$750.00

1988 GMC S/A Gravel Truck

VIN 1GDL7D1B0JV500403 Rear Pintle Hitch, 145,548km

SOLD FOR:$4,500.00

Bunks and stakes
10x40 Atco Wellsite Unit

Triple Skid, Single Bedroom, Stackable Washer & Dryer, Propane Furnace, Fridge

Auto Crane for Service Truck
Truck Deck for Dually Chassis
5th Wheel Brackets
Grab Arms
Skidder Tires
Allmand Maxi-lite 15Kw 15330 Light tower

sn 0054MXL04 15,828hrs

SOLD FOR:$2,500.00

6Kw Kohler Diesel Gen Set


Hobart G-261 250Amp Gas Welder

60% Duty Cycle

Miller Gas Welder
Yaesu 2-way Radios
Skidsteer Bucket
Skidsteer Brush Grapple
Large Culvert


1000g Fuel Tank on Skid w/Pump

SOLD FOR:$3,500.00

1000g Fuel Tanks
1000g Fuel Tank
500g Fuel Tank on Stand
40,000L Liquid Storage Tank

Cam lock fill port, Steam cleaned, Easy transport with Bin Mover. Apoxy Coating on the inside.

1000L Totes
(4) 525g Water Tanks on Skid

SOLD FOR:$1,200.00

Water Tank on Single Axle Trailer
185g Pickup Box Water Tank


2012 Ford F-150Lariat 4x4 Pickup

VIN 1FTW1EF3CKD86773 5.0L Eng, A/T, Backup Camera, 6-pass, Leather Int, Box Cover, Power Seat, 173,056km, Air Bags on rear axle, (One Owner Pickup) with a regular maintenance history, Transmission Oil change at 170,000km

SOLD FOR:$18,500.00

2011 Ford F350 Superduty Diesel Crew Cab FX4 Off Road 4x4 Pickup

VIN 1FT8W3BT4BEC87438 6.7L Diesel, A/T, LT275/65R20 Tires, 5-pass, Leather Int, 309,961km

SOLD FOR:$11,500.00

2004 Chevrolet 2500 Crew Cab 4x4 Duramax Diesel Pickup

VIN 1GCHK23214F222345 Dual Climate Control, 6-pass, Cloth Int, 464608km

SOLD FOR:$4,200.00

2008 Ford F250 XLT 4x4 Superduty Ext/Cab Pickup

VIN 1FTSX21548EC52195. 6-pass, Cloth Int, White

SOLD FOR:$1,600.00

2006 Ram 1500 4x4 Quad Cab Pickup

VIN 1D7HU18296S680017. 5.7L Hemi, 5-pass Cloth Int, 308,589km, White

SOLD FOR:$4,000.00

2005 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Crewcab Pickup

VIN 1GCHC23UX5F887602. 6.0L Gas Eng, A/T, 6-pass Leather Int, 224,560km

SOLD FOR:$3,600.00

2001 Ford F350 XL Superduty 4x4 Single/Cab Pickup

VIN 1FTSW31L71EC30558. 378,308km, V8Magnum, Headache Rack

SOLD FOR:$1,100.00

1998 Ram 1500 4x4 Laramie SLT Ext/ Cab Pickup

VIN 1B7HF13Z2WJ223421 388,273km 5.9l Eng, Blue

SOLD FOR:$1,700.00

1994 Chevrolet Siverado Ext Cab Pickup

6.5L Diesel, A/T, Extra Set of Rims & Tires, Box Cover

SOLD FOR:$600.00

1998 Ford F150 Ext/Cab Pickup

VIN 2FTZX1764WCA68547 4.6L, A/T, 261,214km, 6-pass, Cloth Int, Extra Set of Rims & Tires P235/70R16

SOLD FOR:$1,200.00

2006 Ford F350 Superduty Crew Cab Deck Truck

VIN 1FTWW31506EC551682 5.4L Eng, A/T, 138,628km,

SOLD FOR:$1,400.00

2006 Ford F350 Superduty Crew Cab 4x4 Pickup

VIN 1FTWW31P36ED07860 6.0L Eng, A/T, (Not Running)

2005 Dodge Ram Quad Cab 4x4 Pickup

VIN 1D7HU18D45J521427 5.7L Hemi, A/T, 150,478km, Headache Rack, Beacon

SOLD FOR:$1,400.00

2000 Ram 1500 Pickup

VIN 1B7H16Y91S182736 V8eng, A/T, 187,272km, Headache Rack

SOLD FOR:$1,000.00

2001 GMC Bluebird 35 Passenger Bus

with Wheelchair Lift. 3126 Cat
Diesel, Automatic, Hydraulic Brakes, Odometer 187,871km, VIN 1GDG7T1C41J509374

SOLD FOR:$1,000.00

2005 Freightliner 54 Passenger Bus

3126 Cat Diesel, Automatic, Air Brakes,
Rear Axle Air Ride, Odometer 391,062km

SOLD FOR:$1,500.00

2008 Chevrolet Suburban LT

VIN 1GNFK16358J222252 297,988km, 7-pass, Leather Int, Dual Climate Control, 5.3L, A/T

SOLD FOR:$5,000.00

2008 Yukon XL

VIN 1GKFK16308J161888 8-pass, Leather Int, 5.3L, A/T, 280,874km, Dual Climate Control

SOLD FOR:$4,000.00

2010 Chevrolet Equinox LS AWD SUV

2.4l V6, Automatic, Odometer reading
206,954., VIN 2CNFLCEW1A6293458 206,954km

SOLD FOR:$5,500.00

2002 Sebring Limited Convertible 2-Door Car

VIN 1C3EL65RX2N146682 2.7L A/T, 240,559km, (A/C Pump does Not Work)

SOLD FOR:$1,100.00

2006 Chevrolet Impala LS 4-Door Car

White – 3.5l V6 Automatic, Odometer
reading 212,647., VIN 2G1WB58N469375432

SOLD FOR:$1,600.00

2006 Chrysler 300 4-Door Car

VIN 2C3KA53G56H443801 108,000KM 3/5L V6 Eng, A/T

SOLD FOR:$3,250.00

1997 Buick Park Avenue 4-Door Car

VIN 1G4CU5211V4633350 V6Eng, A/T, 316,059km

SOLD FOR:$500.00

2005 Yukon XL 4x4 SUV

VIN 1GKFK16T65J222866 5.3L, A/T, 330,260km, 8-pass, Leather Int,

SOLD FOR:$2,500.00

2003 Chevrolet Suburban

VIN 3GNFK16783G171926. 5.3Ltr Eng, A/T, 343705km, 8-pass, Leather Int

SOLD FOR:$1,250.00

2005 GMC Pontiac Montana Minivan

VIN 1GMDV03EX5D131801 3400EFI 6Cyl Eng, (Not in Perfect Running Order) A/T, 7-pass, Cloth Int

SOLD FOR:$500.00

1998 Triple E 27ft Vacation Trailer

VIN 2TP2702R3WW013019. Sleeps 8,Bunk Bed Model,

SOLD FOR:$4,000.00

1993 Terry Resort 25 5K 5th Wheel Holiday Trailer

VIN 1EA5K252XP2448978 Sleeps 6, Full Bath, A/C

SOLD FOR:$1,400.00

1997 International 3800 Bus Converted Motorhome

VIN 1HVBBABMXVH511596 Diesel Power, A/T, 14-pass, 313,202km, Fridge, Sink, Cabinets, Bunk Beds

SOLD FOR:$1,250.00

John Deere 650 Auto Quad 4x4 Buck

3870 miles, Winch

SOLD FOR:$800.00

2000 TRX 350 Honda Quad

VIN 478TE2565YA002820 Runs, Drives, Burns Oil

SOLD FOR:$700.00

Pro Series 2000 5th Wheel Hitch
16ft Boat w/85 hp Chrysler Kicker

c/w 1972 B-15 MayArr S/A Boat Trailer VIN 10134

SOLD FOR:$300.00

Glastron 15.5ft Boat

c/w 150hp Mercury Outboard Kicker. And 1975 Ezloader Boat Trailer VIN UKNN43666

SOLD FOR:$900.00

PH3100 Ri Generator (Unused)
3000 Digital Inverter (Unused)


2005 Double A 20ft T/A Utility Trailer

VIN 2DAEC62795T00305 7000lb axles, Flip up Ramps, Spare Tire, Heavy ply tires, Torsion bar suspension

SOLD FOR:$4,250.00

Load Trail 18ft T/A Car Hauler Trailer

VIN to come. 84in Wide, 3500lb axles

SOLD FOR:$2,250.00

40ft x 8ft T/A Lowbed Trailer

Dayton Wheels, Crank Dollys, (VIN Not Available) May require Inspection to Register

SOLD FOR:$1,750.00


Planer 12in Delta
Table saw 8in Rockwell Beaver
Jointer 4in Rockwell
Bandsaw 14in King
Radial Arm Saw 10in craftsman
Drill Press Full height
Router with Table
Various jigs and accessories, blades ext. along with owners manuals for all items


2004 4110 John Deere MFWD Tractor

sn LV4110H210315 c/w 410 JD FEL & Bucket, 273hrs

SOLD FOR:$12,000.00

2007 2305 John Deere MFWD Compact Utility Tractor

VIN LV2305H326708 326hrs, c/w 200CX John Deere FEL & Bucket,

SOLD FOR:$7,500.00

John Deere Z465 Zero Turn Mower

186hrs, 27hp, 62in Deck

SOLD FOR:$4,400.00

John Deere L130 Lawn Mower Tractor & Bagger

Hydrostatic Drive, 404hrs, 23hp V-Twin Eng, 48in Deck

SOLD FOR:$1,000.00

655 John Deere 3ph Rototiller

SOLD FOR:$2,700.00

3ph Potato Digger

SOLD FOR:$250.00

JD I-Match

SOLD FOR:$250.00

3ph Farm King 60in Finish Mower

SOLD FOR:$1,700.00

647 John Deere 3ph Rototiller

SOLD FOR:$2,100.00

Land Pride FSP 500 Fertilizer Spreader

SOLD FOR:$900.00

Frontier Pallet Forks

SOLD FOR:$1,000.00


SOLD FOR:$700.00

Frontier Q/A Pallet Forks

SOLD FOR:$600.00

3ph Quick Hitch


Weed Barrier
6ft Farm King Finish Mower

SOLD FOR:$1,750.00

3ph Finish Mower
Lawn Bench Swing
Crow Foot Packers

SOLD FOR:$100.00

48in Bush Hog

SOLD FOR:$600.00

United Farm Boss 60in Jar mower

SOLD FOR:$400.00


Kenmore Sewing Machine & Cabinet
Nat Gas Range


Huge Qty of \+/- 600 Folding Chairs
24ft Cube Van Body

Aluminum & Fibreglass, Overhead Door in Rear, Man Door on each side.

Truck Camper
Wet Kit Tank
Ext Tower
Misc asst of Yellow Jacket Pipe
1x4x8 & 1x4x10 Spruce Lumber
Qty of Office Chairs
Lg Qty of Stacking Chairs
Carpet Roller
Box of Headphones
Misc Office Furniture


2000 16ft T/A Stock Trailer

VIN 2WZGC1620Y0006054 3500lb axles

SOLD FOR:$7,500.00

4yr Old Bred Cow Calf Pair co 1659

To calve in mid to end of April.

4 yr old Bred Cow Calf Pair co 1659

To calve in mid to end of April.

Red Angus Butcher Steer co 517

almost 2 years old, grain and grass feed, ready to butcher with no recent treatments

(4) Holstein Steer Spring Calves co 1213
7yr Old Mare co 1149

Broke to Ride, for Experienced Rider

10yr Old Mare w/Stud Colt co 2385

Colt Sire from Registered Paint

5yr Old 1/4 Horse Gelding co 2385
10yr Old 1/4 Horse Mare co 2385

Broke to Ride, Bred by RGD Buckskin, to Foal in June 2019

7yr Old Miniature Horse co 844

Well broke to Ride

7yr Old Miniature Paint Horse co 844

Broke to Ride, Has been used to drive in the past.

(8) Thirty Pound Wiener Pigs
140 Fence Posts
Qty of Fence Posts
2in x 6 ft Fence Posts
Unused Barb Wire